Bryant_Outside_Pump_ConversationThe philosophy and values of a company is its core. It defines everything the company does and every action it takes. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating’s philosophy can be defined by these basic principles.

Excel with Our Clients

  • Treat our clients in the way we would like to be treated.
  • Make it easy for the client.
  • Guarantee our work 100%.

Facilitate the Growth of Our Employees

  • Create an environment where people are provided the tools and challenged to do their best every day.
  • Teamwork made up of proud, dynamic team players.
  • Help our employees reach their professional and personal goals.

Grow the Company Profitably

  • By growing profitably we are serving our clients, because we will be here for them tomorrow.
  • By growing profitably we are serving our employees, because they have job security and that builds loyalty that allows us to attract and keep the best.
  • By growing profitably we are serving our owners, because without a return on investment no one can continue to stay in business
  • By pricing ourselves fairly and honestly allows us to accomplish the goals above while still providing the client with a great value for the products and services they receive.

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State License and Certification

Yavapai Plumbing & Heating is proud to be fully licensed and have all our certifications with Arizona State. We encourage you to check our licensing and confirm our good standing with the State License Board at (602) 542-1525. This is an excellent screening tool to narrow true professional Plumbing and HVAC companies from others that will not be here tomorrow for maintenance and support.

Certification and State Licensing of Employees

Knowing the competency of an individual that will be doing work in your home or business has tremendous value. We want you to have the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals you can find. Our professionals at Yavapai Plumbing & Heating carry certifications from NATE or the EPA. The true professional will have these additional certifications for they have an investment in their career, livelihood and future. You may wish to check with National Assessment Testing at (602) 258-2143.

Insurance and Bonding

Yavapai Plumbing & Heating carries $5,000,000.00 liability coverage and a full workman’s compensation package to cover any unfortunate situation that could arise on a job site. Holding this insurance prevents the homeowner excess worry in the unfortunate event that a worker is injured on your property. Further, minus this coverage you could find yourself without financial recourse if something should go wrong with the project.

Health Insurance

Why is this of importance to you the customer? This highly valued benefit shows that we are investing in our employees by offering good medical insurance. A company of long standing like Yavapai Plumbing & Heating plans to prosper far into the future because we also realize that this support and commitment extended to employees and their families assists us in recruiting and keeping the best talent available.

Better Business Bureau

Yavapai Plumbing & Heating has the highest rating the Better Business Bureau will allow. And not only are there no outstanding unresolved complaints on file at the Better Business Bureau, there has never been a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau against Yavapai Plumbing & Heating.

Written Estimate

Yavapai Plumbing & Heating will provide you with a line item bid spelling out in detail exactly what we plan to do and the associated price before any work commences. Our intent is to put everything discussed in writing preventing any future misunderstandings.

Quality of Materials

There should be no large discrepancy between multiple bids. Each bidder should be bidding the same work, so be sure the bids are really apples-to-apples. If there is still one bid significantly lower, please ask detailed questions about materials, certified labor, etc. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating commits to use the best materials for the job and also use “best practices” when we install these quality materials.

On Time Performance

What is on time performance worth to you? We understand your time is valuable. We strive to avoid situations where a worker does not show up on time. This is another reason to work with Yavapai Plumbing & Heating because we will give you a 2 hour window guarantee.

Length in Business/References

Please consider how long the company has been in business and availability of references. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating has been a family run business right here in Northern Arizona for 20 years. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating not only gladly provides you with references, we do not select certain customers from two years ago knowing what they will say. We give you the last three customers who had similar work performed. Now you can be assured you are getting a true reference/opinion.

Courtesy of Personnel

You want workers on the job site that will do everything within their authority to attend to your concerns. If they are inside your home all day or multiple days, then having them be polite, courteous and respectful of all the members of your family as well as your property and pets makes the time much more pleasant and reduces the normal stress experienced by a homeowner when there are various workmen in your home. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating prides itself on having employees matching this description. In fact, we have received so many compliments about the courtesy of our employees we will be shocked if you have any complaints.


You expect any worker in your home or business to clean up when they are finished. You may be surprised to know that Yavapai Plumbing & Heating cleans up at the end of each day and we do a thorough cleaning. It is simple–either the contractor you hire does the cleaning or you will have the extra work.


Yavapai Plumbing & Heating makes sure that all the appropriate permits are in place before we begin work. At times it may actually be up to you to obtain the permit, however, rest assured we will guide you through the process and provide you with whatever documents are necessary.

Service Guarantees & Warranties

It is important that a contractor guarantees the work performed. You need assurance that you will be covered at no charge for a stated period of time for both labor and parts. You need to be sure that any and all warranties are passed along to you that come from the manufacturer. Yavapai Plumbing & Heating will put your warranty right into the proposal if you like, and we will also be in business to take care of you if the need should ever arise.


Yavapai Plumbing & Heating is committed to providing you a fair price for the work to be performed. After all, you want the contractor to make a reasonable profit so they are there for you in the future to do your next project. If their price is within reason, then the criteria for selecting a contractor to work in your home or business is right where it belongs … last.