Keeping Dry With The Help Of Your Local Plumber

We tend not to think about plumbing when everything is going smoothly, but when there’s an emergency and you are up to your ankles in dirty water where no water to be, that’s when you’ll be glad that there’s a plumber in Prescott as good as Yavapai Plumbing.

It’s generally agreed by those who live there that Prescott has a pretty nice climate. It’s hot in the summer, cold in the winter, but it’s rare that the city experiences very extreme temperatures.

However, a sudden cold snap generally leaves behind it its fair share of plumbing misery and woes, especially if the sudden freeze occurs at the weekend or at fall holiday times, when people may be away from home. The weather turns cold, the family gratefully turns on the heat when they get back, and previously frozen pipes suddenly spring leaks all over the house. Every single thing you possess is soaked – everything. And of course, no-one can remember where to turn off the water, or even think of the name of a reliable local plumber in Prescott.

Another common flooding emergency is the laundry room disaster. Just when you planned to go and empty the washer, you notice the sudsy gray colored water coming under the laundry room door. Your nice, calm, peaceful day suddenly turns into a frantic screaming panic as you run around like a chicken with its head off. The kids of course will think it’s hilarious, a paddling pool right here inside the house! The dog loves it too, sad to say.

Not an emergency, but a sign that all is not well, is the “Gloop, gloop, gloop” sound when you let the water out of your bath tub. Or the suddenly leisurely speed at which your shower water drains. These are sure signs that your pipes are narrowing down to a dangerous level where they will simply clog up. This is caused by the fats which most soaps contain being deposited – it’s called saponification.

The one which scares us all the most is the clogged toilet. You know the horrible moment, when, not a care in the world, you glance down into the pan. Instead of a satisfying vortex of clean water whisking everything away, you see a slowly rising pan full of water and unmentionable stuff, inexorably coming up to greet you. There are lots of reasons for clogged toilets, none of them attractive, but the guys at Yavapai Plumbing know no fear. Just give them a call and they will come and save you!

That why it’s good to know that when you need a plumber in Prescott, Yavapai Plumbing and Heating is ready, willing and very able to deal with any and every emergency. Program their contact details into your phone under “Flood Emergency!”

Best of all, why not have them come and check out your plumbing, and nip any possible problems in the bud, before a crisis turns into a disaster. It might be that you. Not only that, if you go to their web site you can find some great money saving vouchers, which might just tempt you to upgrade those leaky outdated plumbing fixtures to something much nicer and smarter. And of course, plumbing is just one of the many household maintenance services that Yavapie offers to the people of Prescott.