The Top 5 Ways to Make Your Basement More Energy Efficient

Basements are commonly the coldest parts of the house during the winter months, and can be the culprit for allowing drafts into your home and moisture to thrive in unwanted spaces. Unfortunately, all of this will cost you on your home’s overall energy efficiency and will increase your bills. Take these steps to make your basement a more energy efficiency space and save!

  •  Don’t underestimate the difference proper insulation can make. Basements can often be drafty areas of the home, so the thermostat is working to warm a space that is losing the heat, causing your furnace to have to work overtime to make the space warm. This will cost you money and will be heating a room that is not often in use.
  •  If your basement is well-insulated, this shouldn’t be an issue, but air leaks are a big problem for energy efficiency. Outlets, fixtures, windows, and doors are all great spaces for your indoor air to get out and outdoor air to get in if not properly sealed. When you make sure everything is properly sealed, you’ll save money and stop paying to heat the outdoors.
  •  Don’t leave the lights on in the basement, and switch all lights in the basement to LED light bulbs. Because the basement isn’t visited as frequently as other areas of the home, lights left on in the basement can go unnoticed for days, costing you money to light an unused space.
  •  How old are the appliances in your basement? It may be time for an upgrade! Dryers, washers, and old refrigerators use a lot of energy due to their poor energy standards. Newer appliances come with higher energy efficiency standards and can save you a lot of money over a lifetime of use.
  •  Leaking pipes, windows, or appliances can cause humidity issues. When the humidity is too high, you can have issues like mold and mildew, which are bad for your health.

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