How to Use a Ceiling Fan to Warm Your Home

Ceiling fans are great for helping to cool a room during the summer months, but did you know your ceiling fan can also help keep your house warm during the winter? Hot air from your furnace naturally rises to the ceiling, so it makes sense to use a ceiling fan to push the air back down. Here’s how:

  • The ceiling fan needs to run in reverse to move the air down into the room, so flip the switch on the fan’s motor from down to up. Turn on the fan to make sure it spins in a clockwise motion; this will cause the warm air to bounce off the ceiling and run down the walls.
  • Once the fan is spinning clockwise, leave it running on the lowest setting. You want the warm air to gently re-circulate without causing a breeze.
  • Turn the fan off when the room is not in use. Since the fan is circulating warm air and not creating heat, leaving it on in an empty room just wastes electricity. However, it is possible that leaving a reverse-spinning ceiling fan on in the room where the thermostat is located can be beneficial.
  • Another great tip is to think strategically when installing ceiling fans. A ceiling fan at the top of an open stairwell in your home can do a good job of pushing the heat that rises to the second floor back down to the first.

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